• Meals

    Meal Planning

    Meal Planning. Yep. I do that. Did that. I did that. Once. I meal planned once. When I say meal plan, I’m also including meal prep. It took me 6 hours! SIX LONG HOURS! With my husband. Does that mean it would have taken me 12 hours if I were by myself??? Oh….and this was using Kroger’s Click List, so I didn’t even walk into the grocery store.

    I am a very organized person. I seriously am. But this is an area where I need a lot of help. I don’t like spending half a day in the kitchen writing down what I want to eat in the upcoming week, then figure out if each day’s plan has the right macros and calories, then make sure I’m having protein with my carbs and protein with my fats. Because by the time I’ve done this, I’m ready to have a glass of wine and sit on the front porch, or take a bath.

    On this one day that I actually did a full on meal plan and meal prep, I ate really well that week. But it was sooooo time consuming!

    So, I know I need to meal plan. One of the things I did to help try to cut down the time of figuring out what I want to order is I purchased an annual subscription to e-meals. There are so many different types of meal plans from Paleo, to Classic Meals, to Low Calorie, to Kids Meals. And don’t forget to plan dessert. It’s on there. 

    E-Meals breaks down each meal, whether you choose breakfast, lunch or dinner and tells you how long it will take to prep and cook your meal. It also lays out nicely the ingredients you need as well as the recipe. You even see a picture of what each item looks like. Although, I will guarantee you that my outcome will not look anything near the outcome of the chefs who created the meals shown on the website.

    I’m going to try this to help cut down on meal planning. Then I’ll order my ingredients on Click-List or head over to Trader Joe’s and pick up my items. Then, I’ll crank up some good music and starting prepping with the hubs. We’ll have a coconut flour fight and laugh and have so much fun. (Can you all see through me yet??) I am literally trying to tell myself how much fun this will all be. Because I absolutely dread it. It’s beneficial, yeah. But I’d rather be doing something else. Like, sitting on the front porch drinking a glass of wine.

    Comment below, ladies and give me some tips on how you meal plan without being in the kitchen an entire day! I need your help!

  • Beauty


    Rodan + Fields had their annual conference in NOLA last week and it’s always an exciting time as new products are often shared with the fabulous group of Consultants. This year was no different. One of the most exciting product releases coming soon is Radiant Defense.

    I am pretty stoked to try this! Radiant Defense comes in 6 shades and is being called a “derma cosmetic”.  So what is a derma cosmetic? Glad you asked! It’s kind of like makeup, but isn’t. Let me explain.

    Radiant Defense is used as a tinted moisturizer. What makes this stand apart from others is the fact that Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields created this product with SPF 30, while also providing anti-aging ingredients. Who doesn’t like that?? In addition, the product goes on smoothly and doesn’t settle into lines or wrinkles. Radiant Defense can be worn alone after applying your skincare or it is used as the last step in your skincare routine before applying makeup. So….is it makeup or is it not? That’s up to you! 

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this. But I have to. October 1st is the launch date. I’m currently putting a waitlist together of customers who are interested getting their Radiant Defense ordered on 10/01. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, email me at hello@kimberlyemoore.com!

    Who wants to try this?

  • Fashion

    Deal Alert from Stella & Dot!

    Who doesn’t love a classic piece of jewelry? Or a trendy piece of bling? I admit that I don’t always wear a lot of jewelry. But I do love me some Stella & Dot.

    I first heard about this company a few years ago. The jewelry is beautiful and affordable. Now that’s what I like! Designs are classic or trendy or mix and match for a little bit of both. There are pieces that go with literally anything in your wardrobe. From jeans, to a Sunday-best dress, to a formal dinner. 

    And now…..(drum roll, please)…..it’s BOGO time! For a limited time, buy one necklace and get 25% off the second!  Style Club members receive 50% off the 2nd necklace! To top it off, this promotion is stackable, meaning you can buy 4 necklaces and get 2 at 25% off, 6 necklaces and get 3 at 25% off, and so on.

    I know you are dying to know what are the benefits of being a Style Club member! All customers and hostesses in the US and Canada are eligible to become Style Club members. 

    The Style Club is a loyalty program that rewards you with Stella & Dot’s most exclusive perks—and it’s only $29 a year! Style Club benefits include:

    • Free shipping on orders over $100. 
    • 10% product credit on every order—it adds up fast, and you have two months to use it.
    • Private sales & previews, special offers and more, just for VIPs (that’s you!)
    • Plus, choose a welcome gift (VALUED UP TO $59) when you spend $50!

    * Membership auto-renews annually. You can cancel anytime — not that you’d want to!

    You don’t have to be a Style Club Member to enjoy this limited BOGO offer but with all the perks, and just $29 a year, why wouldn’t you join? 

    This BOGO event ends on Monday, September 24 so shop now and get 25% off your 2nd necklace! Spend $29 to become a Style Club Member and get 50% off!!! 

    Hey! Christmas is coming up in almost 3 months. This is a great time to buy someone a beautiful necklace or two. Or buy one as a gift and keep one for yourself. Okay, okay. Who am I kidding? Buy yourself both necklaces! Because you’ve been a good girl!

    Which necklace is your favorite? 

    **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. There is no additional cost for you to use the affiliate links.

  • Health and Wellness

    Why I enjoy Carb Cycling!

    I tried Keto. Okay. Full transparency. I’ve tried all the diets. ALL.THE.DIETS. And I tried Keto. I actually enjoyed eating 5 grams of carbs a day for the full two weeks I was on this plan of eating. But blood work that I had taken for a completely different reason that had nothing to do with my eating habits showed I had borderline hypothyroidism and was told to stop Keto. By a few health professionals. Because I didn’t want to take the word of one doctor. So….I stopped Keto. And joined my FASTer Way To Fat Loss group again. (I’ll write a completely different blog on why I left in the first place and why I returned).

    In my #FWTFL group, we do carb cycling on Monday and Tuesday’s. For those of you wondering what on earth carb cycling is, like I thought when I first heard of this, I’ll explain or rather I’ll let Healthline.com explain. 

    “Carb cycling is a dietary approach in which you alternate carb intake on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is commonly used to lose fat, maintain physical performance while dieting, or overcome a weight loss plateau.” In #FWTFL, we carb cycle two consecutive days a week to give our bodies a break from carb overload. We consume 50 grams of NET carbs or less per day. NET carbs are really easy to figure out. Take the total number of carbs and subtract the total number of fiber. For example: if something has 10 carbs and 2 grams of fiber, 10-2=8 net carbs.

    I actually love carb cycling because it helps keep those carbs in check. Remember when I said earlier that I loved Keto? Well I did. But it was for only two weeks. I don’t think I could personally have gone a lifetime eating that way. Don’t get me wrong. I know many people do. But there are just some days when I want all the carbs. I eat a healthy amount of carbs Wednesday-Sunday and take a break on Monday and Tuesday. My body feels great.

    Have you tried carb cycling? What do you think? Comment below and share your tips on how you make it work for you.

  • Encouragement

    I Can Do This…And So Can You!

    I’ve always had an entrepreneur spirit. Some may have called me bossy. I like to think of it being a girlboss! Right, ladies?! I’m more of an alpha-female, thanks to how my mom raised me. When I think of that famous phrase, “I am woman, hear me roar!”, I immediately think of my mom.

    However, in this spirit, I frequently let my head get in my way. I have negative self-talks with myself from time to time. Allowing myself to think that whatever I want, I can’t have because “what will people think of me?” “Would I turn people off?” “Do I even have what it takes?”

    Then I have to pull the reins back and remind myself that so many others started right where I am. A heart in the right place. An action plan. A dream they were ready to put into motion. When you are ready, it’s time to go!

    I’ve been listening to Rachel Hollis’s podcast. Rachel (somehow I think she would be absolutely okay if I called her Rachel) is a hot tamale right now among many of my entrepreneur circles, thanks in part to her newest book, Girl, Wash Your Face. This books shares all the “lies” we tell ourselves as women. I’m grateful to know that I’m not the only one who have these voices in my head that need to be shot down.

    After spending years off and on trying to decide if I was ready to put in the time, the effort, and the energy into building a lifestyle brand, I thought as I just recently celebrated my birthday – if I’m not ready now, I’ll never be.

    So, with my Erin Condren planner ordered and ready to take on the world, it’s time for me to do it or shut it. Stop talking about it. Live life and live it beautifully. Do what makes me happy and satisfied. Don’t worry about what others think. Because let’s face it. The only person we should really be concerned about worrying is Jesus. Truthfully.

    I’m excited about what the future holds. If you are too, but you’re nervous about taking that first step or maybe you took the first step but suddenly became overwhelmed or anxious or started doubting yourself, repeat after me….I can do this.” Because you can. I can. We can….together!