It’s Officially Fall, Y’All!!!

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My absolute favorite time of the year is starting TODAY! After going through a couple of weeks of allergies (thank you Ragweed!), I am able to enjoy the first official day of Fall!

Some people call it Autumn but honestly, I have never heard anyone refer to this time of year as Autumn in real life. I live in the South, or Midwest, or Central U.S., depending on who you talk to. Kentucky is one of those states where we don’t know exactly which side of the Mason-Dixon line we are on but I like to think of us as South. And in the South, we call it Fall. So there. It’s Fall, Y’All!

Why do I love Fall? Oh…let me count the ways. Pumpkin spice and everything nice? Pumpkin spice is most certainly one reason. And shame on Starbucks for starting to sell Pumpkin Spice Latte before the official season began. I love Pumpkin Spice. But only beginning on the First Day of Fall. Bring on pumpkin everything!!!

Another reason I love Fall? Because….sports! I love Football. Fall. Football. See, they just go together. Like a chunky scarf and boots. And since football starts in the Fall, well….I like it. Go Colts! Go OSU! Go U.K.! (Yes, I’m allowed to cheer for two college football teams). With football comes tailgating! Who doesn’t like a good tailgating event?! Another sport that is especially fun in Kentucky is horse racing. Keeneland’s Fall Meet is a blast! And there is tailgating there, too! It’s just THE thing to do in the Fall and it’s an absolute blast! Not to mention bonfires and crisp, cool evenings. So much fun!

And probably my favorite reason why I love Fall so much! Fall Fashion is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Who doesn’t like an oversized scarf, paired with a cute sweater, holey jeans, and the cutest boots you’ve ever seen?? Like seriously!? Not to mention the oversized hangbag to hold your oversized scarf when you are indoors and need your neck to breathe. Pair the outfit with a messy ponytail, large earrings, dangling necklace, and a small sleeve of bracelets….well… cannot go wrong!

The outfit posted above is my favorite style for September and early October in Kentucky. Since it’s still too warm for scarves, a cute off-the-shoulder, long sleeved top provides the perfect look, especially when worn with a cute pair of open-toed chunky heeled booties. Grab your large handbag and a cup of Starbucks and you are ready to take on the world!

You can find this really cute shirt at Roawe. The price is absolutely incredible. Sizes come in XS-XL. Shipping can take a minute so order soon.

And if you are looking for the perfect accessories to go with this adorable shirt, check out Stella & Dot! Now until September 24th, Stella & Dot is offering a BOGO! Buy one necklace and get one for 25% off!!! There are so many designs to choose from that would go perfectly with this outfit or any outfit in your fall wardrobe. Don’t forget to pick up a bracelet or 4 while you’re at it!

Do you call this season Fall or Autumn and what do you enjoy about it? Comment below!

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